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Context Data Cloud


The Context Data Cloud has been chosen as one of the most innovative IT projects in 2013 to be funded within the Software Campus initiative.

Software Campus integrates leading research and practical experience in a new type of concept in order to create a new generation of top managers and entrepreneurs with an excellent IT background. (© Software Campus)

Time Frame:
03/2013 - 02/2015
SNET Team Members:
Dr. Abdulbaki Uzun
Thilo Geismar, Berken Bayat, Carlos Mayer, Friedhelm Victor
Telekom Innovation Laboratories
Funding by:
Software Campus, Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


The Context Data Cloud is a service enabler platform (run by a mobile network operator) that interconnects context providers, consumers as well as context-aware service developers for providing semantically enriched context-aware services. It is based on Linked Data and enables developers of context-aware services to easily realize innovative applications by making use of a set of novel interfaces (provided by the network operator).

Context Data Cloud

This platform mainly consists of four building blocks: The OpenMobileNetwork provides approximated and semantically enriched mobile network and WiFi access point topology data enabling the development of sophisticated context-aware services. Linked Crowdsourced Data, on the other hand, enriches static location entity (e.g., POIs or events) information by dynamic contextual parameters for realizing various location analytics scenarios. The Context Management is responsible for context search and enrichment utilizing the Linking Open Data Cloud, whereas the Context Consumer Interfaces provide developers the possibility to implement services on top of the platform.



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