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The Sensafety research project intends to give citizens the opportunity to rate the current safety situation at their location and to explore what others feel in their surroundings. The ratings of all citizens are collected, aggregated and the statistical results being presented in various forms within the Sensafety App.

Sensafety's map of the perceived sense of safety enables citizens around the globe to compare their personal feeling of safety with the ones perceived by the people in their vicinity. Moreover, visitors can find out how the safety situation is currently assessed at places they are about to visit.

Sensafety was developed, tested and evaluated as part of a student project at the chair of Service-centric Networking at the Technische Universität of Berlin. All the personal data collected by Sensafety are solely used for non-commercial research purposes and remain in sole possession of the Technische Universität Berlin.

To learn more about the project visit www.sensafety.org or download the App on:

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