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Practice - Applications and Services

Sensafety [1]

Lupe [3]

The Sensafety research project intends to give citizens the opportunity to rate the current safety situation at their location and to explore what others feel in their surroundings. The ratings of all citizens are collected, aggregated and the statistical results being presented in various forms within the Sensafety App.

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Lupe [6]

The first world-scale environment simulator for mobile devices

Since the emergence of the context-awareness paradigm for mobile applications, evaluating and testing mobile applications became very complex and time-consuming tasks. To speed up the development process, CATLES simulates the environment a mobile application would sense at any location on earth by incorporating crowdsensed radio measurements.

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Geofence Index [8]

Lupe [9]

A public available web service for the computation of the Geofence Index performance estimator for proactive location-based services. The Geofence Index is intended to increase the reliability of Geofencing systems by making the reliability quantifiable and predictable.

more... [10]

Open Cloud Computing Map [11]

Lupe [12]

A subproject of Curcuma is the Open Cloud Computing Map (OCCMap) which provides the basis for the (visual and non-visual) server location information of different cloud computing providers and interlinks to sources regarding data protection laws and other linked-data information. The data provided by the OCCMap will be offered in a structured semantic manner to be included in other open and linked data initiatives.

more... [13]

OpenMobileNetwork [14]

Lupe [15]

The OpenMobileNetwork [16] is an open platform that provides approximated and semantically enriched mobile network and WiFi access point topology data published as Linked Data [17] in RDF format.

more... [18]

Our Project Results on GitHub [19]

Lupe [20]

Millions of developers use GitHub to build personal projects, support their businesses, and work together on open source technologies. These are our SNET produced open source projects:

  • DIMS [21]
  • IdentityChain [22]
  • Curcuma [23]
  • ENtRANCe [24]
  • Open-Service-Compendium [25]
  • Proxy Prototype [26]
  • sdl-ng [27]
  • Ecosystem [28]
  • Demo [29]
  • pdp-caching [30]
  • Broker [31]
  • Tracking [32]
  • Policy Administration Point [33]
  • Demo Benchmarkt [34]
  • tctp-rack [35]
  • Cloud-Service-Matcher [36]

more... [37]

Some information regarding the project results can be viewed on the SNET Youtube channel [38].


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