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Service-centric Networking2021-01-06 IDunion accepted for "Showcase Secure Digital Identities"


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IDunion has been accepted for "Showcase Secure Digital Identities"

We are delighted to inform you that the IDunion project has received a positive request to apply for the identity innovation competition ‘Showcase Secure Digital Identities’ by the German government. We participated in the first phase of the competition as ‘SSI for Germany’ and did a rebranding to align the project to its European scope. The partners are currently defining the work packages for the next three years. These include the implementation of the network and its governance, regulatory, security and user-acceptance aspects as well as the development of new software components and the piloting of more than 30 use-cases.

The new phase of the project is expected to officially start in April 2021. We would like to thank our project partners as well as our sponsors for the great collaboration and we look forward to continue with the project. More information can be found on IDunion project website.



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