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Service-centric Networking2017-04-09 Peter Ruppel's keynote at IEEE Mobile Cloud 2017


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Peter Ruppel's Keynote at the IEEE Mobile Cloud 2017


In this talk I would like to discuss the implications of mobile cloud computing for the advancement of cloud-related protocols, frameworks, and architectures as well as underlying networks by using the example of cellular network infrastructures and location data. The increasing amount and diversity of mobile-originated data as well as the globalization of mobile services is calling for progression in the way mobile cloud computing systems are built and interconnected. Besides overall architectural and legal challenges there are several engineering issues to be addressed, for example, the operation of mobile clouds, the distributed analysis and decision making based on mobile-originated data, and the interconnection between heterogeneous mobile infrastructures. This talk gives a summary of recent developments in the field of mobile cloud computing and operations and outlines open research questions.




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