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2016-12-07 News Article in Zeit-Online: "Athletes do want more Privacy"

Data protectionists consider the currently used doping reporting system Adams to be questionable and put the focus on protection of privacy.

"German athletes who wish to participate in official competitions must use Adams, that is, indicate their whereabouts. The laboratory results of the samples and the TUEs are also available in the databases. Actually, Adams should be a well-secured system."

"Now there is a new model called Eves that should be safer and easier. Eves works with a GPS wearable, which the athletes carry with them. As joggers do to measure their running distance. Eves, however, only sends a place of residence when the doping control officer makes a request. Once he receives the location of the athlete. A motion profile is not created. "

First, Eves is a research project. Two Fraunhofer Institutes, the TU Berlin and the Landeszentrum für Datenschutz in Schleswig-Holstein are participating.

Source: Zeit-Online



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