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Service-centric Networking2013-02-26 MWC - HTC One, Country Pavillon and OpenSignal


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Abdulbaki@Mobile World Congress - HTC One, Country Pavillon and OpenSignal


Today, I started my day visiting the booth of HTC where I got hands-on experience with the new HTC One, which mainly consists of a new user interface called HTC BlinkFeed based on HTC Sense 5. HTC BlinkFeed aims to provide personalized content from different providers as well as social network activities in a feed-like manner on the first screen. The exhibitors believe that the classic smartphone approach of "clicking on an app, then closing it, opening another app and so on" is outdated. I really liked the new phone, which will be launched by March! Maybe, this will be my next smartphone... who knows... :)

Afterwards, I went to the Country Pavillon section. I was really excited to see the Turkey Pavillon, where I had talks with different Turkish companies working in the area of Mobile Computing! Turkcell Technology, for example, is the R&D department of one of the biggest mobile network operators in Turkey and they provide different mobile marketing and roaming solutions as well as several value added services.

Later the day, I had very interesting and intense discussions with OpenSignal, a start-up whose main activities are very similar to our OpenMobileNetwork project. Via smartphone apps, OpenSignal collects signal measurements from mobile networks all over the world in order to visualize base stations as well as WiFi access points, their coverage areas and signal strengths on the map. We exchanged ideas, talked about technical issues and also about possible collaborations in the future.



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