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Service-centric Networking2013-02-25 MWC - First Impressions


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Abdulbaki@Mobile World Congress - First Impressions


The Software Campus provided me the great opportunity to visit the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Being here, I can say that the MWC is huge and a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

It seems like that the whole city of Barcelona concentrates on this event. It started at the airport with a team of MWC organizers waiting for arrivals to lead them to almost 15 flight check-in counters that were solely serving as a fast track registration for the congress. You see people outside and in your hotel walking around with MWC bags that you get during registration. The subways are full of people making it hard to find a little spot to stay and you also see organizers standing in subway stations to lead the people to the right train station going to the congress. These experiences really make you feel special as being part of a big event and I really appreciate that Software Campus gave me the opportunity to experience that.



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