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Service-centric Networking2012-12-14 ComGreen Final Workshop

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ComGreen Final Workshop


After two years of hard work, the ComGreen consortium presented their results in today's final workshop to a big audience consisting of representatives of the BMWi as well as DLR, and other interested people. You will find more information on the IT2Green website and on the invitation flyer.

SNET was involved in three different demos. The first demo was the ShowTable that was also presented at this year's CeBIT, whereas the second demo showed the interworking between the Multi-RAT Testbed and the Context Manager integrated into it.
We also demonstrated the OpenMobileNetwork and how the interlinked semantic data can be useful in order to establish a power management in mobile networks. For this purpose, we extended the OpenMobileNetwork by several new features, such as dynamically calculated coverage areas, neighbor relations or traffic generated by smartphones at runtime. Furthermore, we enhanced our visualization by a ComGreen button that runs the following SPARQL query in order to determine the cells that are candidates for network optimizations in the area of Schöneberg: "Request all T-Mobile base stations that cover Telekom in Schöneberg with traffic below 4 Mbits and neighbors covering the same area by 70%".

OMN ComGreen Visualization

Please feel free to have a look at the special OMN ComGreen Visualization. You can see live traffic produced by your smartphone, if you run OpenMobileNetwork for Android (OMNApp), which is available for download at Google Play Store. In addition, we also showed how cell data coming from the OpenMobileNetwork can be exploited for power management predictions.